Questions and Answers

Here are just common questions we get asked for information.

If you have any other questions please do give us a ring on 0113 203 8313

What size skip do I need?

We have three sizes of skip – midi, maxi and jumbo, and two sizes of rollonoff – 20yd and 35yd. If you are unsure about the size of skip you need just give us a call and tell us what you need the skip for and we will be able to help and advise you.

Where can I have my skip dropped?

You can have it dropped on your driveway, garden or building site.

What if I can’t put the skip on the drive or garden? Do I need permission from the Council to put it on the road, grass verge or pavement?

Yes. You will need a permit from the Council but don’t worry because we apply for the permit on your behalf and just pass the charge on. We don’t put anything on top of their fee either.

Are there any restrictions on what I can put into a skip?

Yes. You cannot use a skip to dispose of tyres, fridges, gas bottles or any form of asbestos.

Are there any skip loading requirements?

The only requirement is that you don’t overload the skip.

What area do you cover?

We cover the Leeds, Bradford & Wakefield area. However if you are unsure please give us a call to find out if we cover your area.

How long can I keep the skip?

Midi skips can be kept for up to 3 days and Maxi and Jumbo skips for up to 7 days for private sales. Trade/Contract customers and Rollonoffs are dealt with on an individual basis, so please call the office for details.

How do I book a skip?

We offer a prompt and reliable service – please telephone the office on 0113 203 8313 where we can help you with your requirements. We normally deliver the same day (if you need it that quickly!). You can also order online.

How much notice do I need to give?

Ideally, 24 hours, but if you need it quickly, we can deliver the same day. Please just give us a call.

What happens to my waste after it is taken away in a skip?

All your waste is brought back to our waste recycling facility where it is separated and treated. It is then disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We currently only send approximately 6% of our waste to landfill – the rest is recycled or re-used.

Do you have an environmental policy?

Yes – We realise at Bill Dyson Skip Hire and Waste Management Ltd that our company activities have the potential to affect the local, regional and global environment.
As a consequence of this the directors and management team are committed to continuous improvements to its operations to reduce the effects of waste on the environment and the prevention of pollution. Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practise are used as our minimum standard of environmental performance. We are committed to minimise the amount of waste that ultimately ends up at landfill and fundamentally recycle as much waste as possible, lessening the impact on the environment. Full details are available on request.